HBAC in Water

June 16, 2011: Her first birth story was a nightmare filled with fear, unprofessionalism and coldness that is one I hear all to often. Ending in an "emergency" c/section in the pushing phase with little humanity or respect for family wishes was not what this woman had envisioned. What a difference from the events of today. Desirous of a nurturing environment for her VBAC and with a trust in the process that comes from education and faith, this marvelous woman delivered at home in water in her own living room held and surrounded by husband, family and the Birthing Instincts birth team.

There is another way to give birth that respects both woman and process. Individual demand is the catalyst that will lead to a change in the system. It has to be. Congratulations to all who witnessed this blessed event. It was an honor to be accepted as a part of your family. Dr. F