On Informed Consent by Dr. Fogelson

Another good essay by my friend and colleague, Nick Fogelson, MD on the pitfalls of the current surgical informed consent process. I encourage you to check it out at:


Bottom line: Doctors and patients should maintain a good professional relationship which, much to the chagrine of the "boundary" fanatics, must cross into the realm of personal insomuch as trust and nurturing and a sense that there is real caring are the best legal protection against an unforseen outcome. As you know, I believe that the continued march toward shift medicine, hospitalists and electronic medicine will only magnify the inevitable errors that will occur and there will be no face of responsibility. Sadly, the "impersonal" model is a much better formula for patient dissatisfaction and inevitable law suit. Until some miracle happens I will continue to preach the path to government endorsed managed healthcare is bad for patients and health care providers but good for lawyers. I do hope I am wrong. Dr. F