An Evening with Marianne Williamson & Robyn O'Brien

This past Wednesday, I was invited to be apart of a Q & A panel  in an event co-sponsored by The Sanctuary. What started as a rally in support of the wonderful Marianne Williamson in her bid to win a congressional  race in California's 33 district became an amazing educational experience from the wisdom of Robyn O'Brien. Robyn is considered the Erin Brockovich of Food and gave a 30 minute masterpiece of a talk on the dangers, economics and politics of America's food and farming industry. She has a TED talk on YouTube well worth your time (posted below). I was honored to be included on the Q and A panel that followed. Educating ourselves to become discriminating consumers and voicing our displeasure with products and people who disregard our health and that of our children and unborn babies is a duty we cannot let apathy prevent us from. Go Marianne and go Robyn!! 

Dr. Stu.