An Evening with Marianne Williamson & Robyn O'Brien

This past Wednesday, I was invited to be apart of a Q & A panel  in an event co-sponsored by The Sanctuary. What started as a rally in support of the wonderful Marianne Williamson in her bid to win a congressional  race in California's 33 district became an amazing educational experience from the wisdom of Robyn O'Brien. Robyn is considered the Erin Brockovich of Food and gave a 30 minute masterpiece of a talk on the dangers, economics and politics of America's food and farming industry. She has a TED talk on YouTube well worth your time (posted below). I was honored to be included on the Q and A panel that followed. Educating ourselves to become discriminating consumers and voicing our displeasure with products and people who disregard our health and that of our children and unborn babies is a duty we cannot let apathy prevent us from. Go Marianne and go Robyn!! 

Dr. Stu.

The Hazmat Birth

On the header of my blog are a few of my favorite historical quotes. I think my favorite has become Albert Camus’, “The Welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants!” Fear is the easiest way to manipulate. And claiming safety is a perfect way to shut down any discussion. It’s good for you. It’s safer for the children. You don’t want to put your baby in danger, do you? We live in a world where ACOG admits that 2/3’s of its guidelines are not based on good scientific evidence. Yet they put them out anyway. In my world, on a daily basis, I am told directly or from print media about manipulation of women through skewed or even overtly false information. When it comes to pregnancy the bowing to the false god of safety has become the standard. Your baby is too big. Your baby is too small. Your pelvis is inadequate. The head is smaller than the shoulders which might get stuck. The fluid is decreasing. The cord is around the neck. You are 3 days overdue and your placenta is getting weak. VBAC is too dangerous. Your breech baby’s head might get stuck. Hospitals are safer. Induction is easy. Cesarean sections are routine.

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