ACOG review panel report

Hello to all and especially to those readers from the medical staff office at St. John's. Word on the street is that the ACOG panel that reviewed the policies, procedures and antics of the OB department at our local hospitals last June has issued its final written report. If I were to make an educated guess based on experience I would presume that this report will never see the light of day in its entirety. I hope I am wrong and would be the first to congratulate the new administration on their bravery if they were to release it. If this review was meant to be a learning experience for the department on evidenced based medicine and improving patient care then it should be shared with the medical staff without censorship. In fact, it should be shared with the community as a whole in the spirit of cooperation and transparency. I encourage all to call the new CEO at 805 988-2500 and ask if she intends to share the findings of this independent panel with the medical community and the residents of Ventura County. While I am no longer on the staff at these institutions I am still an active member of this medical community, and like many of my colleagues, must remain vocal when patient safety and quality of care issues need attention. Let us see what the American Congress of OB/Gyn thinks has been going on here. Dr. F