Good Feelings

I just left the new client meeting at The Sanctuary Birth & Wellness Center in Mar Vista, CA. It is so nice to enter a space where nurturing and collegiality are the rule. What a breath of fresh air. We meet every Thursday afternoon to introduce the Center and its staff and our philosophy to potential new clients. All topics of home and the new birthing center births are touched upon in an open forum of discussion and Q and A. It is a time to describe pregnancy care in the true midwifery model and the way it should be. I believe I am in a great position to observe and comment on the amazing differences in low risk pregnancy care between the two competing models of care available in the U.S. And I can safely say there is no comparison. Little by little the word about true informed consent and birth choices is spreading. Kudos to my colleagues for their passion and success in the dream and, once again, congratulations on the opening of the beautiful new Sanctuary Birth Center. The only one of its kind in Los Angeles. Dr. F